Wednesday, October 30, 2013

World Series great baseball despite the absence of the Phillies

The World Series, despite the absence of the Phillies, and in spite of the presence of my least favorite team , the St. Louis Cardinals, whom I consider to be the Dallas Cowboys of MLB, (I'll never forgive them for J.D. Drew, among other transgressions), has been wonderful baseball. Two games ended on strange plays you almost never see, well, at least not as game-ending plays, let alone game-ending plays in the World Series, a walk –off fielder interference play in game three, and a pinch runner, Kolten Wong, someone only getting the opportunity to play in the World Series because they supposedly were a better option the lame Allen Craig, instead getting picked off first base for a walk-off pick-off in game four. The look on Carlos Beltran’s face as he stood at home plate, the bat suddenly taken out of his hands, was priceless.
Otherwise, great pitching, great defense, David Ortiz so hot you are amazed when he doesn’t get a hit…and, the one thing that to my mind, makes baseball better than any other sport, you never run out of time. No matter how far you get behind, you don’t lose until you make that third out in the ninth inning. Therefore, especially in the playoffs, you never see anyone give up, there’s always a chance.  To me, it’s what makes baseball the best, by far. It’s almost over for the year. Catch it while you can.

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