Monday, September 30, 2013

Philadelphia Fallows?

Are Philadelphia sports entering one of their all too frequent fallow periods? The Phillies missed the playoffs for the second straight year, finishing with a losing record for the first time since 2002, the Eagles are 1 and 3, just gave up 52 points in a single game, and are struggling trying to implement a college system in the NFL, and are attempting to play a type of defense their personnel are unsuited for. The Flyers also missed the playoffs and start the season with an untested goalie, and the Sixers, well, they are playing for the number one draft pick in the NBA draft with a roster so bereft of talent that more fans may show up to boo the owner for buying the Flyers hated rival the Jersey Devils than to actually watch the team play. However, unlike previous periods, there actually is some hope. The Phillies have the funds to remake their roster, the Eagles, despite their numerous mistakes, are entraining and play in a division that I so bad, a 1-3 record leaves them a mere one game out of first place. The Flyers have a lot of young talent, one that could put it all together the way the Phillies did in 2007, and the Sixers , instead of patching a mediocre roster, have at least acknowledged the need to start over, and have acquired the draft picks to do so. It may be a fallow period, but it is not one bereft of hope as so many seasons in Philadelphia sports history have been.

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