Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Say It Ain't So

Rumor has it that the National League is considering adopting the abomination that is the DH. I know I'm tilting at windmills, but please, please don't let it happen. Having the DH removes a large part of the strategy from baseball. If your pitcher is throwing a great game, but trailing 1-0 and his spot comes up in the seventh inning, do you remove him for a pinch hitter to try to score some runs and risk turning the game over to your suspect bullpen? If the DH is in place, not even a choice.
I have heard that it makes a place for all those good hit, no field players (Ryan Howard, anyone?)...but again, baseball has always had that you squeeze Daniel Murphy into a position for which he is ill-suited (second base) to get that bat in your lineup? You may get homer runs in six straight postseason games, but you'll also get a key error in the World Series. It is part of the strategy of baseball, one of the components that can spark endless debate and second-guessing, and for me makes it the most interesting of sports.
The player's union will argue that it creates extra jobs for one-dimensional players. I have a suggestion. Eliminate the DH in both leagues, but add a 26th roster spot. This will create extra jobs without removing a key strategic element from the game. Please don't let this plague spread to the National League.

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