Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Deadline Day

Today is the non-waiver trade deadline in MLB, and the Phillies are a mess. Their offense is almost non-existent, their bullpen is atrocious, and they are hampered by players with declining production and huge, untradeable contracts. Does this mean the Phillies are finished, that their fabled "window" of opportunity has slammed shut, dooming them to years of mediocrity at best?  Not necessarily. Two year ago, the Red Sox were in the same position, and now they are once again leading the American League East.  It took some creativity, but it can be done. The Phillies , like the Red Sox, are a large market team, with resources. It will take an overhaul, but, with some shrewd moves, keeping the right players, integrating the right rookies with their youthful enthusiasm into the lineup, and perhaps getting lucky and finding a trade partner to take some of the bad contracts (as the Red Sox did with the Dodgers), plus free agent signings and a change in their international signing policy (as recently exhibited with their lavish signing of Cuban defector Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez), the Phillies may turn it around quickly, perhaps as soon as next year.  What happens today may be the start of this retooling.

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