Saturday, March 31, 2012

Has the Window Closed?

Opening day is fast approaching and the aging Phillies are springing so many leaks a submarine with a screen door may stay afloat longer.  Has the window of opportunity for this talented team slammed shut? Injuries to Ryan Howard and Chase Utley have ripped the heart out of the Phillies offense. Jimmy Rollins and Placido Polanco have been injury prone in recent seasons and haven't been able to play a full slate of games, chances are being another year older is going to do nothing to reverse this trend. Carlos Ruiz is well past thirty as well, an age when catchers begin to break down due to the physical demands of their position. The outfield is the only component of the Phils offense that remains relatively young and productive. This will have to be the engine that drives the Phils offense.

The pitching staff remains the strength of the team, and hopefully will remain so dominant that the potentially anemic Phils offense will be sufficient to carry the team until, and if, Howard and Utley return, or GM Ruben Amaro is forced to trade for some more offense.  Only time will tell, but that's why we watch. Let the games begin!

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