Monday, December 5, 2011

Eagles should start Kafka if Vick can’t Go

Had enough of watching Vince Young quarterback the Eagles? I have. Vince was always a thrill ‘em or kill ‘em quarterback, one who could over come his poor mechanics and tendency to leave his receivers hung out to dry with his amazing scrambling and escape ability.  Seemingly no longer able to thrill ‘em , Vince has really showed none of the elusiveness and scrambling ability he displayed in his days at the university of Texas or his early years with Tennessee, we are left with the kill’em. His passes tend to be high floaters that even when completed lead his receivers into the dangerous territory patrolled by the headhunters in the defensive secondary.
Vince was brought in the rehabilitate his playing image similar to the way Michael Vick did, hopefully parlaying his retooling into a similarly large contract. Alas for both the Eagles and himself, he has been unable to do so. He will not be back next year, and as such, the Eagles owe it to themselves to see what Kafka can bring if Vick is still not healthy enough to play. Kafka could easily return as a backup quarterback next year, and now is the time, during this lost season, to see if he can fill in capably in the face of the seemingly inevitable Vick injury.  If he cannot, the Eagles can begin to plan on an alternative, either through free agency or the draft. Any way you look at it, Vince Young’s time with the team is over, and whether they admit it or not, the receivers will be thankful.

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