Monday, November 7, 2011

Horror in Happy Valley

Jerry Sandusky, a man who, other than Joe Paterno, was the face of PSU football for 30 years, the architect of some of the greatest defenses college football has ever seen, is accused of praying on children he was entrusted to help. I'm just disgusted. This is the worst, worse than Free Shoes University, Cam Newton’s father shopping his son’s services to the highest bidder, UConn’s complete lack of academic progress, Tattoogate.  Appalling.  So many people trusted and respected this man.

I'm trying to cling to some hope, he hasn't yet been convicted, and despite the seemingly overwhelming evidence, he might be innocent (remember Dominique Strauss-Khan?) But if it's true, the coverup-for 7 years before news leaked...unforgivable.  If the administration conspired to cover up these shameful events, as it seems they must have, they must immediately end their association with the University, if not voluntarily, then by dismissal. There is absolutely no excuse for keeping such appalling crimes against young people secret, thereby implicitly condoning them.
There goes my foundation for smug superiority over most other big time football schools.  All my life I’ve been Penn State Proud. No longer. My shame and embarrassment pale in comparison to what was allegedly done to these young people.

This is indeed a dark day for those of us who bleed blue and white.

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