Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All we are saying, is give Reid a chance

To listen to all the hue and cry emanating from Eagles fans you’d think Andy Reid had lost his mind and forgotten how to coach.  On the contrary, the one thing you can count on with the best coach in Eagles history is that he won’t change.  Reid is what he is, a great organizer and planner who prepares so well, and gets so locked in, that when the game starts, he cannot adjust, or at least until he explores all his contingency plans (this frequently results in wasted timeouts or delay of game penalties as he pours over his myriad options).   His preparation can’t be faulted. Where he might receive criticism is an inability to acknowledge his weakness, that in-game adjustments aren’t his strong suit and hiring a coach with this talent to help during the games. Not recognizing one’s own faults is an all too common trait.
Defensively, he has never valued linebackers, preferring to pressure the quarterback and cover receivers downfield, thus Eagles linebackers are frequently inexperienced low round draft picks or undrafted free agents.   This philosophy is not necessarily erroneous as during Reid’s tenure the Eagles defense usually ranks near the top of the league.  Defensive coordinator Juan Castillo is learning, but all indications are no one works harder. I firmly believe He will adjust and integrate the many new players into the system   The Eagles have frequently started seasons poorly, but Reid usually gets things straightened out by October.  Let’s give him the chance again before we all fracture our ankles jumping off the bandwagon.  To all those calling for his ouster, I have two words:  Rich Kotite.

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