Tuesday, July 26, 2011

They’re back!!!

The NFL is back, and for a self-avowed transaction junkie today is like Christmas morning. Will the Eagles sign a marquee free agent such as Nnamdi Asomugha? Will Kevin Kolb be shipped to the Cardinals? For who, For what? (Hmm, I think I heard that somewhere before) What Undrafted Rookie Agents will we sign, and will any be a diamond in the rough? Who’s going to end up where?  (What’s that? Downingtown East grad and Penn State traitor Pat Devlin has signed with Miami to compete against Wilson grad and Penn State spurner Chad Henne. For the starting QB spot.  How intriguing!) The Cowboys cut Marion Barber? What about Plaxico? All this has to be done in a rush as training camp opens…tomorrow!  Did the Eagles plan properly (they usually plan very well, it's once the game starts they have their issues, but that's another story) How can I follow it all? Will I get any work done?  All this and the MLB trade deadline too!

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